Do I need to file with the IRS?

Note: If you are a United States citizen or a green card holder, do not complete this test. You are already obligated to file a complete US Tax Return.



In the calculator below, enter the number of days spent in the USA during the respective years. Note that you are considered to have spent a day in the USA if you were present in the USA at any point during the day. However, you do not need to include any of the following:


  • Days where you regularly commuted to work in the USA from Canada or Mexico.


  • Days where you were in the USA for less than 24 hours and you were travelling between two places outside of the USA.


  • Days you were temporarily in the USA as a crew member of a foreign vessel engaged in transportation between the USA and a foreign country.


  • Days spent in the USA because you were unable to leave due to a medical condition that arose during a legal visit to the USA.


  • Days you were an exempt individual: a foreign government employee, teacher or trainee, student, professional athlete competing in a charitable event.
Years Days


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